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Karama Center

Dubai is an international shopping haven and the one of many reasons why people visit Dubai every year. This is a truly modern and cosmopolitan bustling city, serving the entire region and indeed the whole of the Middle East. One of the reasons for this is that Dubai is an open port, which means that the import duties are low. Another advantage is that there is no sales tax on product bought in the free trade zone.

Dubai is a truly spectacular city with ties to ancient and traditional culture as well as being one of the most modern centers of business and commerce in the region and the world. The UAE attracts the best of big business to her shores and this has had a huge impact on the tourist market. Dubai salaries are among the highest in the world and many of them are tax-free. While big brand names jostle for space alongside the intricate and finely wrought crafts of the Arab world, you are spoiled for choice when you spend some time in the shopping districts of this city that is always on the go.

Because there is so much contrast in the very fabric of the city, there are two types of Dubai shopping experience: the traditional souks where haggling is part of every buying experience and the modern architectural masterpieces of the shopping centers that cater to the international tourist trade and the wealthy locals. Each mall in Dubai is themed and caters to different tastes and desires. Filled with designer brand names stores, boutiques and a myriad of electronic wizardry. You will be able to spend an entire day just enjoying the sights and sounds of the shopping center sensation in Dubai.

One of the best shopping centers and certainly the busiest is the Karama Center, which is in Bur Dubai, right in the heart of the city. It is one of the shopping centers that actually manage to bridge the gap between east and west under one roof. Don’t be fooled by its somewhat shabby exterior, this center takes its place among the top centers in the city. Here you can purchase everything under the sun, with a particular emphasis on the traditional Arabian crafts and artworks. The Karama Center offer the international tourist the chance to buy a host of electronic good at really low prices, far less than you’d pay for the same item anywhere else in the world. Bargain retails stores selling casual wear and beachwear are the order of the day at this mall and you’ll be able to get some fabulous holiday fashions here.

The charm though of the Karama Center lies in the traditional Arab shops. Here you’ll be able to pick up a treasure trove of gift items and interesting décor items that you’ll take back home. The traditional Arab coffee services, in pewter and ancient silver, to the traditional ‘khunjars’ which are daggers that were worn by the desert tribes in years gone by. The shopping center makes a point of having as many traditional items from the region as possible. Persian carpets in fine silk thread from Iran and you will be able to find some of the magnificent examples of ancient silver jewelry from Oman when you visit this center.

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