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Dubai Ski

If you want to experience thrilling skiing experience in Middle East, then only Dubai skiing can offer you an option to enjoy the sport indoors. Whether you want to enjoy snowboarding, skiing or tobogganing or want to just lie down on snow and play, Dubai is the place to be in.

There is no dearth of things to do in Dubai and one of the most sought after experiences is that of indoor skiing. No matter if you are young, a beginner or old enthusiastic of the sport, you will not be disappointed for sure. With twenty two thousand five hundred meter square area covered with real snow throughout the year, this attraction that is mountain themed is a great excitement with most of the tourists.

There are different difficulty levels for different snow sport lovers. The difficulty levels are divided keeping in mind the gradient, height and length and fall of the snow. Though they advise you to start with the beginners level and slowly move towards higher level, but if you are an experienced skiing lover, you can enjoy any slope easily.

Don’t worry and bring along your kids as well who will just freak out. You can together as families do snowboarding or skiing at three thousand meter square long Snow Park. The best part is that you need not bring even your skiing equipments or clothing as Dubai skiing takes care of all that.

What better! You can even dine in one of the theme restaurants like St Moritz Café or Avalanche Café. Each give you a beautiful view of the snow and you can enjoy the beauty as well as tasty food.

As many as 1500 people can enjoy skiing at the same time here and that too under the guidance of qualified instructors. Thus, if you are visiting Dubai, don’t miss the adventure and fun of skiing there.

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