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Dubai Desert

If you are very fond of adventure and would like to spend some thrilling moments in the golden sand dunes, then the Dubai desert is just for you. This is a splendid experience, a little away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Tourists usually start early in the morning and travel a great distance to the desert.

You can start early in the morning from your hotel, as early as eight in the morning to enjoy a full day trip to the sand dunes. You can travel in a special desert four wheeler vehicle. You will be traveling through beautiful sand dunes. If you are fond of sand boarding you can enjoy this game in the desert. However, it is not advisable to indulge in this activity unless a professional is present to guide you and come to your rescue in case of a mishap. This is perhaps the best way to enjoy your desert trip. You can spend several hours watching others take a steep rush down the dunes. It is said that a trip to the Dubai desert is incomplete until you take part in the sand boarding. Just give it a try for a short while before returning to your hotel room. Those who are still not interested in this adrenalin gushing activity can instead opt for an enjoyable camel ride across the desert. You can also enjoy a dune buggy in the desert also. This half day trip can become very enjoyable and provide you one of the best opportunities to have a look at the lifestyle of the Bedu.

Other things you can do in the Dubai desert:

• If you are in the desert one of the most common sight is tourists dressing up like local people in their garment and clicking photographs, riding camels. You too can try out these local attires and enjoy the moments you spend in the desert.
• Enjoy the traditional local food and drinks. You can choose from a wide variety of eatables. Check out the traditional barbeque dishes and enjoy a hearty traditional meal.
• If you plan to stay overnight, you get to enjoy campfire and the ever popular belly dance. Enjoy the Arabian music, the camp fire setting amidst the golden sandy dunes of the region. You too can take part in the dance and feel a part of the group.

Another favorite activity is to collect souvenirs. Tourists often like to carry home souvenirs and gifts for their loved ones or just for themselves as a fond remembrance of the time spent in the vacation. Those who travel to the Dubai desert can carry with themselves several remembrances of the desert. Desert photographs (such as those of the sun setting in the horizon, or sun slowly fading in the dunes of the desert) can be one of the best possessions that you can carry home from your desert trip. You may also consider carrying home some of the extraordinary handicrafts made by the local people. You will never get some of these pieces anywhere else. You can also opt for some of the local garments, like traditional dresses, hats, female garments, carpers and henna (temporary tattoo).

You need to plan out your Dubai desert trip well in advance so that you do not miss out anything. Dubai is the only place where you can enjoy the desert life and fast city life all together. Just enjoy your trip and make it worth remembering!

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