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Dubai Camel Racing

Of all the things to do in Dubai, indeed camel racing is something that you would not have experienced anywhere else. The financial support to Dubai camel racing comes from the former UAE president. He supports the camel caretakers and thus the annual camel race is a big boost here. The main season of camel racing is between October and April. However, at small scale it happens almost throughout the year.

If you want to experience the thrill of camel racing, then you have to be at the venue on a Thursday or Friday or Saturday, when these races generally take place. At least during winter season you can enjoy the races on the same days during morning at 07:30 and afternoons at 14:30.

The racetracks for camel races all over the country are well kept and you can find 15 such tracks. Though these tracks are situated at the outskirts of the city but the connecting roads are too good and you can always rent a tent to stay which has every facility right from water, electricity, telephone, television and even an ambulance and doctors for emergencies.

There may be as 15 camels to 70 and more camels in such races which run over four to ten kilometers long tracks. The admission to Dubai camel racing is free and you may dress up casually for the occasion. Many race courses even offer light beverages complimentary to visitors. However, you should take along binoculars to have a better view. Remember that cameras are strictly prohibited in these races.

Camel racing is looked upon by the high society of Dubai as well. Many high rank people as well own personal camel stables like Zayed, the former President of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammaed who has been Defense Minister in UAE government etc. However, betting on camel racing is illegal in Dubai.

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