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Bin Sougat Center

Shopping in Dubai is one of the highlight of any vacation to this fascinating and interesting part of the world. Even if you are just in Dubai for a layover or on a short business trip, you can still indulge in everything that the city has to offer in the way of shopping. From the traditional souks of Deira where you can indulge in your love of jewelry and fine fabrics to the ultra modern and vibrant shopping centers that can be found all over the city of Dubai. You will be able to find something that will tickle your fancy and thrill you. The great thing about shopping here is that the government has declared that parts of the city are to be free trade zones. This means that you do not have to pay sales tax on any item that you buy and if you are in transit then you can get great bargain in the duty free areas of the airport of even at the stores on your hotel.

The best place to make use of this fantastic trade discount is in the fashionable and modern malls that the city at the heart of the Gulf has developed over the last ten years. The best shopping center are found in the heart of the city and are well worth a visit if you are looking for some great bargains on electronic goods and all sorts of merchandise. All of the big name brands are represented in the malls as well as many of the more exclusive boutiques and high-end stores, and you will be paying a fraction of the cost that you normally would for the same item back home.

The Bin Sougat Center was opened in 2000 and while it may not be one of the largest centers in the city, it has everything that a traveler could want. From the retail chain store giant Spinney’s to more exclusive boutiques and brand name labels. The Bin Sougat center has an array of fine dining experiences for you to choose from and a wonderful children’s play area that will keep your little ones amused for hours while you take the opportunity to spend some of your holiday cash on the bargains that you will find. With over 20 thousand feet for exclusive and well thought out retail space the entire shopping mall experience will keep you enthralled for hours as you browse through the many different shops and boutiques. This center is particularly well known for Arab stores that sell traditional arts and crafts of the region. From Arabic silver daggers, to silk slippers, you will find a stunning range of gift and décor items for you to choose from.

The Bin Sougat Center is located on the Al Khawaneej Road in the Al Rashidiya district of Dubai. This is a quiet residential area and the center is open all days of the week except for the hours of prayer on a Friday. The center is within easy reach of all the major hotels in Dubai, and is well worth a visit, if you are in mind to get your hands on some of those bargain deals.

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