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Month: August 2016

Karama Center

August 27, 2016

Dubai is an international shopping haven and the one of many reasons why people visit Dubai every year. This is a truly modern and cosmopolitan bustling city, serving the entire region and indeed the whole of the Middle East. One of the reasons for this is that Dubai is an open port, which means that […]

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Cheap Dubai Hotels

August 17, 2016

Dubai has emerged as a business hub and global city today. Though Dubai’s economy was built on oil industry, currently the main revenues are gained from tourism, property and financial services. Recently it has attracted world attraction through new construction projects and tourism is seeing new heights. With its beaches and modern architecture surprises, Dubai […]

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Dubai Luxury Hotels

August 10, 2016

Dubai by all ratings is becoming the most travelled city today. With tourism industry eying Europeans and Hollywood stars is offering best in luxury. Dubai’s tourism is based on shopping as well as other ancient and modern attractions besides beaches and safaris. People from Eastern Europe, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent go there shopping and […]

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Deira City Center

August 1, 2016

Dubai is truly an excellent shopping destination. Whether you are on vacation or business, you will have to indulge in some of treasures that the city has to offer. The thrill of Dubai is that you are stepping into a shopper’s paradise that is filled with unique and exciting options. From the souks of ancient […]

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